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It is getting colder outside and that means mice and rats are looking for shelter in warm buildings. The unwanted rodents are the cause of nuisance. They can cause damage to buildings due to nibbling for example. Besides that, they are a health hazard because of the germs they are carrying. Nuisance can be prevented. There are things that you can do to prevent unwanted visits from happening. We provide you with 3 tips!

  1. Hygiene: make sure that food is placed outside of range. Mice are constantly looking for food. Store food in sealed containers for example. Also make sure that there are no remaining food residues. Give mice a hard time accessing food.


  1. Architectural: mice are small and can get through the smallest holes. That is why you should make sure that your home or office doesn’t have a passageway bigger than half a centimetre. In addition, make sure that all doors close for 100% horizontally and
    vertically. You can close ventilation openings with stainless steel mesh.


  1. Personal behaviour: nuisance due to mice and rats can be prevented by changing your behaviour. Make sure that you close all doors and windows when leaving your home or office. By doing this, it is extra hard for rodents to enter the building. Also make sure that you don’t leave behind food residues or waste.

Extra tip against rats:

Rats are often hiding in bushes. That is why you should make sure that plants and bushes don’t grow against your home or office building. This way you’re giving rats a hard time entering the building.