EWS is offering BMSB treatment!

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is spreading across the world and causing damage to crops, plants and ornamental trees. That is why the Quarantine Departments of Australia and New Zealand have taken measures to prevent the bug from entering their country. The measures being that cargo must be treated against the BMSB before it is exported to these countries during the high-risk season. Treatment measures for the BMSB are fumigation and heat treatment. EWS offers both methods in different countries for treating cargo against the BMSB!

For more information about fumigation, go to: BMSB
If you would like to know more about our heat treatment method, go to: Heat Treatment BMSB
You can find more information about the BMSB here: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

International Nuts & Dried fruit congress 2017

From the 19th till the 21st of May the 36th edition of the INC World Congress takes place in the frame of historic and beautiful Chennai, a lively town full of attractions, from ancient temples to long sandy beaches, providing stunning views of the Bay of Bengal.

The INC is known as the largest international gathering of Presidents and CEO’s from the world’s leading nut and Dried Fruit Companies. With an average of 1,000 participants, the INC is an excellent platform for seeking industry opportunities, making deals and networking. Guest speakers will inform and update you on industry statistics, crop forecasts, supply, consumption and market dynamics.

The congress also offers you a varied set of social activities to renew professional relationships in a different and more relaxed atmosphere.

Please visit Nuts Cleaning and Packaging B.V. in the Rajendra Hall (second floor) at booth 2.

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