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Spring has started! The temperature is higher; the days are longer and we all are more outside. Also, you can find more and more insects which are awaken from there hibernation.

Examples of these are the cluster flies, French field wasps and garden ants.

Cluster flies:
Cluster flies are found on the in- and outside of buildings during the first warm days of the year, where they hibernated. They will come through the cracks and crevices of the buildings in large numbers, which often may cause inconvenience.

What can you do to reduce the inconvenience by cluster flies to a minimum?

  • Place screens in open windows and doors
  • Placing small grills in front of vents in the wall

French field wasps:
The French field wasps is a social wasp that increasingly is signaled in the Netherlands.
They have a social life style and live in a nation of mostly less than one hundred individuals.
The big difference between the French field wasps and “lemonade” wasps that we know is that they are having an open nest. Therefore, they are good to observe.

Often they build multiple nests next to each other. The number of nests which is made can be as much as 10 nests within a radius of 5 meters. The French field wasp has a sting and can be stabbing like another wasp’s species.

The Queen of this wasp species, different from other wasp species, are as large as the workers and therefore difficult to distinguish from the rest of the wasps.

What do we advise with wasp’s inconvenience?
We always advise at first to be ensure that the species are named (determined) so that they can successfully be removed.

Garden ants:
The first garden ants are already signaled. This are usually the Black Garden Ants or the Glossy Wood Ants. In their search for food ants can be entering your home or business building. Once the sweetness is found, there will be setting out a track by the workers.
The track, called ant street, will be followed by other workers with all the inconvenience that entails.

What can you do to reduce the inconvenience by ants?

  • Ensure spilled sweetness is immediately cleared
  • Avoid overflowing bins and make sure that foods are covered

What can EWS Pest control do for you?
EWS is specialized in the use of pest prevention and control. More information or making an appointment? Please contact EWS Pest control 0183 30 12 70 or fill in the form on our website: