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Birds can cause a lot of nuisance because of, for instance, noise or stench. In addition, their presence can involve health and safety risks. Birds also pass on germs to people.

EWS Fauna management is a recognised distributor and installer of the Scarecrow bird dispersal systems that uses startled cries. The British Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd. has been producing and has been the market leader of these bio-acoustic systems developed by sound technicians and ornithologists for 30 years. EWS Fauna management has had experience with placing Scarecrow bird dispersal systems in a variety of locations for more than a decade.

Birds get used to unnatural, hard noises when these do not pose a threat.

The Scarecrow system effectively uses the natural startled cries of birds. The startled cries of their congeners alarm birds, but they cannot find the ‘congener in need’. This uncertainty ensures that the birds start to consider the area as unsafe and find another habitat.

The advantage of this bio-acoustic system is that the cries are spread on a natural noise level, so they are often not even noticed by the general public. In addition, this dispersal system is not harmful for the birds, as their life is not in danger.

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