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Wood logs

Containers loaded with wood logs often require quarantine treatment before export. This is necessary to kill insects on the trunks and under the bark.

The only permitted method is fumigation with PROFUME (Sulfuryl difluoride). This fumigation results in killing all life stages of these insects.

Fumigation is an exceptional aspect of Pest Control. These treatments may only be carried out by recognised companies with highly-educated employees. EWS has a lot of experience in fumigation and has several trained and experienced ‘fumigation managers’ in several European countries. This makes EWS Fumigation a professional and reliable partner for all your fumigation.

We are active in the large seaports of Belgium and the Netherlands. We are also glad to review your requests for inland fumigation or fumigation in other European countries.

EWS Fumigation has two (2) personal fumigation locations for the fumigation of wood logs. Below you can read more about both locations.

Antwerp location

In Antwerp, EWS cooperates with KatoenNatie. A new fumigation terminal was recently opened at kaai 1510 (Antwerp linkeroever).

Katoen Natie Terminals K 1510
Ketenislaan 1510
9140 Antwerp

This location has the following advantages:
• Barge connection
• Situated near all large export terminals
• Major capacity (120 TEU)
• A single point of contact

You provide the container and we take care of the complete further process: moving, fumigating, ventilating, gas-free declaration and transport to the export quay. Due to the barge connection and the favourable location, we can offer you the best service at a sharp price. We fit the fumigation in with your logistics process.

Rotterdam location: KGN
This location is situated in the new part of the port of Rotterdam, near the large export terminals. You can supply the container by truck to the location or by barge or rail near the adjacent KRAMER terminal.

Malakkastraat 51
3199 LK Maasvlakte, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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