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Fungus clean-up

Fungi and wood harming moulds can be the cause of financial and material damage to wooden floors in houses and other buildings. This is caused by badly ventilated crawl spaces and basements that are also continuously moist. Not only do fungi infestations cause a lot of damage, they are also detrimental for our health.

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Humidity problem

Wood harming fungi are often the result of a humidity problem. Humidity problems in buildings can have different causes:

  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Rising damp in walls
  • Groundwater level too high
  • Tears in façade
  • Leaking gutters, roofs, pipes or sewage

Mould grows in wood at a continuous moisture content of 22%. When the moisture content drops below this level, the mould stops growing. It is possible for the moulds to survive a certain time in this condition. When the moisture content then rises to 22% or higher, the mould starts to grow again. That is why it is important to tackle the cause of the moisture.

Health hazards

Fungi and moulds are a health hazard. This is an important reason that this kind of wood deterioration must be tackled. Health risks include breathing problems and irritations to the airways. Asthmatics and lung patients are affected by moulds. Furthermore, small children can be extra sensitive to them. Besides these health hazards, the wood harming moulds come with other dangers. Especially the Serpula lacrymans comes with a danger of collapsing floors. This must not be underestimated.

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