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Windmill fumigation

Windmills are often monumental heritage that must be conserved. A windmill often contains a wooden structure that attracts wood destroying insects such as the longhorn beetle, woodworm and deathwatch beetle. Traditional wood preservation methods often use plugs that deteriorate the windmill’s appearance. At the same time, the windmill is often still used which prevents the usage of this method and other traditional methods to combat these insects.

EWS has developed the ultimate method to quickly neutralise all wood destroying insects such as the longhorn beetle, the woodworm, the common furniture beetle and the deathwatch beetle: windmill fumigation!

During the fumigation process, the windmill is enclosed in a gas-tight structure which also prevents unauthorised access. The gas is inserted into the structure, after which the gas concentration is closely monitored during a 48 hour period.

Once the right gas concentration has been present long enough to neutralise all wood destroying insects, the windmill fumigation process is ended and EWS ventilates the windmill until all residual gases have dissipated.

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