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Fruit flies can be found anywhere in the world. In the Netherlands and Belgium alone, there are about 25 species. The fruit fly is about 3-4 mm in length and has a yellow-brown to black colour, depending on the species. They often exist in beer breweries, lemonade factories, bars and stores that sell vegetables and fruit.

Fruit flies undergo a complete transformation (metamorphosis). This means that these insects go through 4 life states during their development into adult fly, being egg, larvae, pop and imago (adult insect). The female fruit fly lays 400 – 900 eggs in yeasty or rotting material. For instance rotting fruit or vegetables, sour milk and fungi. After 1 day, the eggs will hatch. The larvae stage lasts about 1 week and the pop stage 2 to 4 days. From egg to adult insect, the development takes about 8 to 11 days. An adult insect can live up to 2 months.

Fruit flies can be very annoying and contaminate fruit and vegetable products. Unblemished fruit will not be affected, cut or damaged fruit will be.

To prevent the nuisance by fruit flies, the following measures can be taken. Don’t store fruit and vegetables too long without covering them, observe good hygiene, properly close garbage cans and containers and after emptying, dispose of empty wine and lemonade bottles without cork or cap.

Fighting fruit flies is only useful after the necessary prevention measures have been taken. There are a lot of different methods for fighting fruit flies, such as; fly strips, electrical fly swatters, thoroughly cleaning breeding places and treating them with an insecticide. EWS exterminator is happy to inform you about what methods are most suitable for your situation.