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Stone marten nuisance
The stone marten is a small, slender predator, as big as a cat, which looks a lot like the pine marten. The chest spot in particular helps identify them. In the pine marten it is almost yellow, in the stone marten it is clear white. The stone marten is an animal that likes to be near people. It likes to crawl in the engine space of cars that still have a warm engine, to find a warm spot and to gnaw cables and hoses, with serious consequences. Stone martens have a diverse diet: small mammals, birds, reptiles and fruit is what they like to eat.

Areas where stone martens and people live close together, nuisance can sometimes arise. The nuisance consists of noise and / or smell. Stone martens can make stumbling noises, as if there is a burglar in the house. In the nursing period, one can sometimes hear the young squeal. Stone martens use different resting places during the day. So the nuisance inst permanent. Just like cats, stone martens are housebroken animals. They have a fixed place where they leave their droppings. Places like this can cause bad smell. Sometimes stone martens damage pipes and cables in houses or cars. With their sharp teeth, they even gnaw through cables of hard plastic.

Stone martens are protected animals that shouldn’t be killed, captured or even disturbed. EWS can advise you on how to resolve your stone marten problem in an animal-friendly manner without violating the law.